Dylan Hyde


With a show-stopping soulful voice, sharp songwriting acumen, and swaggering style, 20-year-old Dylan Hyde demands to be heard. Born in San Diego and based in Los Angeles, the singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist drummed up a palpable buzz with “Clearly”—his 2017 debut single for EP Entertainment/Motown Records. Within just a few months’ time, the ClickNPress-produced track co-written by Hyde closed in on 1 million Spotify streams in addition to landing on Spotify’s Viral 50 USA and soundtracking a Pride Month video by DanceOn and Paul Smith. Garnering critical acclaim, Teen Vogue would feature him as fashion-forward new presence, while The Huffington Post dubbed him, “Stunning.

Hearing that charismatic and confident delivery now, it’s almost impossible to believe his journey up to this point. Though clinically deaf in both ears, he taught himself guitar and piano driven by a passion to perform as a child. Along the way, the artist independently built a fervent fan base and inked a deal with EP Entertainment in 2015. This year, Hyde’s forthcoming full-length debut not only spotlights his inimitable talent, but also properly tells his story for the first time.

As he sings in “Clearly,” “I raise my voice so everyone can hear me. It’s his time to be heard.

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