Icewear Vezzo Partners with Puma

Photos provided by Icewear Vezzo’s team and The Dirt Label

By: Jess Clavero

Icewear Vezzo has today’s buzz around Detroit bubbling again. In his first year signed to Motown Records, he has already secured multiple partnerships with local brands, like The Dirt Label, and reputable brands like Puma and Foot Locker.

On January 30, Foot Locker opened its first Detroit area location, inviting the up and coming rapper to host the launch in tandem with the sale of an exclusive Icewear Vezzo-inspired shoe by Puma. The shoe is sleek and simple, sporting his infamous purple shade with a Motown logo and “V” on the heels. The amount available was limited and sold out in the first 15 minutes of the opening.

In a distribution partnership with Footlocker, local Detroit creatives, Rick Williams of Distinct Life and Chris Morris of The Dirt Label, created exclusive hoodies with bear lookalikes of Icewear Vezzo. Supplies were also limited. Although the merchandise sold out in a short amount of time, he launched a contest on his new official website where fans who save his mixtape “Clarity 6” and follow him on Spotify have the chance to win a free pair of the exclusive Puma shoes and hoodie.

His new single “Balance” with Detroit native Big Sean is out now on all streaming platforms.

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