The "Style of Young America" Translates To New Generation

By Tristin Marshall

Style knows no limit–or decade.

Motown shaped young America during its heyday, and as it comes back around to redefine soul music, its aesthetic will forever remain the foundation of the legacy. Here are a few of our most iconic artists, and how their style has been reincarnated into the newest generation of hit makers.


Photo Credit: Jim Britt (left) Instagram (right)

The Classics Never Die

There is something very sophisticated about a turtleneck–especially on a well-dressed man. From the peak of the Motown era to the rise of the New Definition of Soul, a classy look is still deeply valued in the Motown look book.


Photo Credit: Andrew Putler (Left)

Adorned Like A Queen

Queens are best at keeping it classy. Even decades apart, a sophisticated robe or robe-style dress has always made women look like royalty. Add hair as high as the heavens and the beauty radiates.


Photo Credit: Bobby Holland (right)

Style Has And Will Always Be Subjective

The “king of funk-punk” left a lasting legacy on Motown, and while there will never be another Rick James, his aesthetic lives on in a new generation through Lil Yachty. Whether glittered like Rick or beaded like Yachty, a distinctive style and the dare to be different will forever live through Motown.

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