Motown To Release DETROIT The Soundtrack

By Tristin Marshall

Motown Records is pleased to announce the release of the soundtrack for the film DETROIT coming this July. 

DETROIT captures one of the most terrifying events during the riots that took place over five tumultuous summer days in 1967. 

The soundtrack will feature a song by The Roots and soul-singer Bilal entitled “It Ain’t Fair.” “We wanted to make a song that reflects–not only the times of 1967–but where we live now in 2017,” said Questlove in a video announcing The Roots’ single on the soundtrack.

The Roots is a classic hip-hop group that has captured and reflected the sound of Black America since the late 1980s. “It Ain’t Fair” will be their first record on the label: “[Motown Records] is inseparable from Detroit. We want it to sound like Detroit,” said Questlove.

“We’re honored and excited to work on such an important and special project as DETROIT,” says Motown Records president Ethiopia Habtemariam. “The music from this soundtrack highlights the ‘Classic Motown Sound’ which is a beautiful accompaniment to the story of tumultuous times in 1967 as well as the struggles we face within society today.”

The film will open in theaters August 4.

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