Rich Homie Quan Releases Debut Album 'Rich As In Spirit'

By Tristin Marshall

Rich Homie Quan released his full-length debut album ‘Rich As In Spirit’ on March 16. The Atlanta rapper released this album nearly one year after the release of the ‘Back To The Basics’ mixtape.

Rich Homie Quan’s 19-track debut focuses the attention largely on his skills, with only one feature from rapper Rick Ross. Complex calls RAIS “[Rich Homie Quan’s] strongest release to date, sounding very much like the culmination of refining his craft.” The full-length album is a strong follow-up to all his previous work while displaying the talents that captivated rap enthusiasts early in his career on tracks like “Type of Way” and “Flex (Ooh, Ooh, Ooh).”

Quan told Billboard in a recent article of his affinity towards Motown as a child and how he felt it was the fit for his career now, compared to other labels: “ Growing up, Motown had everybody, but they didn’t have no rappers. And I was a big fan of The Jackson 5 and The Temptations are like my biggest influence. But growing up you just love the label, you ain’t thinking like, ‘Oh, I ain’t signing to Motown.’ My dreams sounded like Epic, Def Jam, Atlantic. But when I just went in there, it all seemed like choreography.” 

As Motown continues to deliver the “Sound of Young America” as it has for nearly six decades, Rich Homie Quan contributes to the balanced roster that brings rap, R&B, and Soul music to a new generation of audiences. He signed to Motown at the top of 2017 and released the ‘Back To The Basics’ mixtape in April of the same year, which featured the singles “Da Streetz” and “Gamble.” Quan released the singles “Changed” and “The Author” ahead of the album, and performed “Changed” on the newly-revamped MTV show TRL in February.

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